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“Looking good on this Retro Scooter is as easy as 1-2-3! With excellent fuel consumption and no congestion charges, we can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t consider this 50cc Pink Retro Scooter…”

Go retro girls! It’s a recession so let’s make the best of cheap, stylish transport and in this case, it comes in the form of this chic pink retro 50cc scooter. How does over 100 miles to the gallon sound to you and a full petrol tank on only £6? Sounds good to me and if this cheeky little scooter wasn’t pink, I might well give it a go myself but I’m preferring the more manly 125cc Tommy Scooter. Alas! if you aren’t partial to the bright and colourful, trendy pink colour then and are looking for something that will get you from A to B in steady time and for practically no cost, then this retro scooter is for you.

With this scooter (like many other retro scooters featured on this site) having only a 50cc engine, this makes it perfect for learner riders or those who have just passed their CBTs and at only £649 (not including delivery) for the whole thing, it’s an absolute steal in this climate and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed at just how fuel efficient and cost effective this scooter is.

Of course Ive already mentioned the colour so I don’t need to do that again and I’m sure you can see for yourself just how stylish this thing is but if you want a more in-depth view, you can see the scooter in full 360 degree view at our partner’s site (this is also the place to buy one of these if you want one!).

This is a special deal that is only available online and from this shop and with such a fantastic offer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this particular model go out of stock pretty quickly so if you are interested, make sure you place your order today!

Pink Retro Scooter

Only £649

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