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Go Electric Scooter

As many of us are now wanting to ‘do our bit for the environment’ and cut down on petrol fumes we are starting to look more at the electric scooter market.  Although still in its infancy there are some great electric scooters around and the Go Electric Scooter is one of them.  With a simple twist-and-go handle bar accelerator this bike can reach up to 27mph with the 60 volt battery giving you fast acceleration and a comfortable ride.

The removable battery charges in just a few hours at the cost of a few pence.  That charge will then give you a range of around 37 miles, which should be plenty for a days commute or shopping trip.

Another really great bonus is that as this is an electric scooter you have no Road Tax to pay!

Because looks and functionality are just as important as performance when it comes to a scooter, the Electric Go Scooter has Alloy wheels, sporty headlights, indicators, horn, brake lights, key start, anti-theft steering lock, electronic power dash display, under seat storage box, side stand and a full stand.  So pretty much everything you could want.  Worried it only comes in a drab colour?  Fear not!  The Go Scooter comes in a fantastic vibrant blue.

Read enough and want to check out what the Go scooter looks like?  Head on over to the page and have a full 360 degree view of what could be your next scooter.

Once you’ve decided this scooter is for you, Direct Bikes can deliver your Go electric scooter to your door within 3 working days. Can’t wait that long? No problem, Direct Bikes can even arrange next working day delivery.

Go Electric Scooter

Only £899

50cc Sports Scooter

“An exceptional quality scooter with a price tag that even I can’t balk at. If only I’d had one of these 2 years ago I could saved a small mortgage on fuel charges!”

A brilliant new product for the CBT 17+ learner rider, this sporty, sleek lined, 50cc sports scooter has fantastic great value features such as sports-styled exhaust and brakes, sleek sports lines and free top box. When considered against most other ’50cc’ offerings available, it’s difficult to assume anything other than this 50cc scooter has to be one of the season’s must have scooters. This particular model has a cutting 4 stroke engine and great performance, making it the ideal Sports Scooter for nipping around urban roadways, and in and out of dense traffic zones. Fully automatic acceleration, all you have to do is twist and go!

If your mouth isn’t watering just yet, we’re sure by taking a look at this 50cc scooter in its full glory will change your opinion altogether. It’s also easy to order with simple step-by-step choice and payment options. Simply choose the 50cc scooter colour you prefer and then proceed to the payment and delivery page. You even have the option to have the scooter delivered next day if you’re desperate or, for those not so keen, within three days.

50cc Sports Scooter

Only £599

125cc Black Retro Scooter

“Quality, Style and Looks combine effortlessly together in this classic styled-retro 125cc Scooter that will deliver 55mph and a full fuel tank for a tenner!”

If you want retro fun, fun, fun, just twist and go with this retro-styled 125cc scooter. With its sleek and funky lines and envious looks, the 125cc Classic Scooter is the hallmark of continental, great value and quality chic. Whether day or night, this little puppy is a guaranteed magnet of unadulterated style. In most cases, its easy to be pulled in by looks alone, but this scooter packs its own share of power too.

As one part of our stylish range of 125cc scooters this retro version comes in several colours (see links below) and as you can see from the photos, is a cracker from every viewing angle. So, which colour do you see yourself riding about on? And once you’ve picked your colour choice, you’ll be even more excited to know that this scooter will be delivered to you within just three days. If you’re really desperate you’ll be even more pleased to know that if you wanted your brand new retro 125cc scooter even faster, we can arrange delivery for the next day!

125cc Classic Scooter

Only £1099

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