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Go Electric Scooter

As many of us are now wanting to ‘do our bit for the environment’ and cut down on petrol fumes we are starting to look more at the electric scooter market.  Although still in its infancy there are some great electric scooters around and the Go Electric Scooter is one of them.  With a simple twist-and-go handle bar accelerator this bike can reach up to 27mph with the 60 volt battery giving you fast acceleration and a comfortable ride.

The removable battery charges in just a few hours at the cost of a few pence.  That charge will then give you a range of around 37 miles, which should be plenty for a days commute or shopping trip.

Another really great bonus is that as this is an electric scooter you have no Road Tax to pay!

Because looks and functionality are just as important as performance when it comes to a scooter, the Electric Go Scooter has Alloy wheels, sporty headlights, indicators, horn, brake lights, key start, anti-theft steering lock, electronic power dash display, under seat storage box, side stand and a full stand.  So pretty much everything you could want.  Worried it only comes in a drab colour?  Fear not!  The Go Scooter comes in a fantastic vibrant blue.

Read enough and want to check out what the Go scooter looks like?  Head on over to the page and have a full 360 degree view of what could be your next scooter.

Once you’ve decided this scooter is for you, Direct Bikes can deliver your Go electric scooter to your door within 3 working days. Can’t wait that long? No problem, Direct Bikes can even arrange next working day delivery.

Go Electric Scooter

Only £899

“All the guts and performance of a Tamoretti or Vespa 125cc retro scooter for less than half the price!”

You can order this scooter online today for just £1099 and there’s even an option for next day delivery. Join hundreds of other Tommy scooter fans all over the UK by owning one of your own. As you can see from the picture, the Tommy 125cc is an absolute gem of a road scooter. It has the style and flair of a traditional italian-cum-mod 60s scooter on the outside but the benefits of modern technology and fuel efficiency on the inside. The brand new ’09 Tommy Scooter will give you a 4.8L fuel tank and an average miles per gallen of about 100.

The Tommy 125 has a top speed of 60mph which is more than enough for urban riding. If you purchase before the end of this month, the Tommy also comes with a free Back Box worth approximately £70! For those of you that like to stand out form the crowd and turn some heads, the scooter also comes in four different colours; Pink Tommy Scooter, Blue Tommy Scooter, Silver Tommy Scooter, Cream Tommy Scooter and this one, the Black Tommy Scooter.

If the Tommy Scooters are a little out of your price range for the moment, then you could always down-size to a 50cc Retro Scooter instead, which will only set you back £999.

Compare the Tommy 125cc Scooter to it’s competitors in our Tommy Scooter review here and once you’ve read that and seen how much great value the Tommy is, you’ll be hard pressed not to give in and treat yourself!

125cc Tommy Scooter

Only £849

125cc Black Retro Scooter

“Quality, Style and Looks combine effortlessly together in this classic styled-retro 125cc Scooter that will deliver 55mph and a full fuel tank for a tenner!”

If you want retro fun, fun, fun, just twist and go with this retro-styled 125cc scooter. With its sleek and funky lines and envious looks, the 125cc Classic Scooter is the hallmark of continental, great value and quality chic. Whether day or night, this little puppy is a guaranteed magnet of unadulterated style. In most cases, its easy to be pulled in by looks alone, but this scooter packs its own share of power too.

As one part of our stylish range of 125cc scooters this retro version comes in several colours (see links below) and as you can see from the photos, is a cracker from every viewing angle. So, which colour do you see yourself riding about on? And once you’ve picked your colour choice, you’ll be even more excited to know that this scooter will be delivered to you within just three days. If you’re really desperate you’ll be even more pleased to know that if you wanted your brand new retro 125cc scooter even faster, we can arrange delivery for the next day!

125cc Classic Scooter

Only £1099

125cc Blue Tommy Scooter

“Looks that turn heads, an engine that purs and a fuel tank that’ll give you miles more for your money, why on earth wouldn’t you consider a 125cc Tommy Scooter?”

Wouldn’t you like to be able to fill a petrol tank up with £10 and ride over 100 miles in classic retro style?

Classic italian styling and head-spinning good looks are the order of the day with this 125cc Scooter from Direct Bikes. The brand new Tommy Scooter has a restricted top speed of around 60mph and is extremely economical for a scooter of its engine size. Combine its running costs with its unique, streamlined, aerodynamic good looks and you find yourself wondering why you didn’t buy a scooter like this before the recession?!

The Tommy 125 will mobilise you like never before, making zipping around in tight city streets a breeze. It’s fast enough to feel like you have power beneath your seat whilst at the same time manouvering exceptionally well and handling smoothly. Unlike the retro scooters of the 60s, the 4 stroke engine beneath this classic ride will give you a twist and go experience well worth its cost. Gears are fully automatic and the engine is electrically started. Overall its a compact retro ride that performs as well in urban jungles as it does out on the country roads. With the summer hotting up before us, the Tommy Scooter is the perfect excuse to get out into the thick of it and take those country rides you’ve been thinking of for the last 6 months!

As with all of the scooters available at Direct Bikes, this 125cc tommy is available in a choice of great colours and once you’ve decided on the colour you like best, click through to the payment and delivery page where you can specify next day delivery and any other extras you may want. It’s as easy as that. Your scooter will arrive the following day!

Read our Tommy 125cc Review here

125cc Tommy Scooter

Only £1099

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