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Available in edgy black, this stunning 125cc scooter packs a punch with its sharp 4 stroke fuel injected engine, which can take you up to 60 mph. Whether you’re flying by or gently cruising around town, this scooter is sure to get you noticed.

The 125cc Python Scooter is one of the newest 125cc scooter models from Direct Bikes. Take a look at this 125cc scooter front, back and sides. Direct Bikes can arrange to deliver your 125cc Python Scooter within three days or even the very next working day if you simply can’t wait to get one.

1 Year’s Unlimited Mileage Warranty
Fully Automatic – Twist & Go
Electric Push Button Start and Kick Start
Lockable Under Seat Storage
Scooter Assembled – Simply Attach Wing Mirrors, Battery and Free Accessories
Aerodynamic Sports Styling
Economic Fuel Consumption
Powerful 125cc Fuel Injected Engine
Top Speed 60Mph
Suitable for 17+ With CBT Licence
Full EEC Certificate To Be Registered For UK Road Use
*Free Top Box Worth £49.99*


“Whether you’re flying by or gently cruising around town, this scooter is sure to get you noticed. “

If you are looking for a scooter that’s going to get heads turning then the Python is for you.  Coming in a real edgy black and with its aerodynamic sports styling this scooter is not going to pass by unnoticed.  The styling, together with the powerful 125cc fuel injected engine, also means that it will provide maximum performance.  What more could learner riders or CBT riders will tick all of your boxes.  All things in, this scooter will do you over 100 miles to the gallon at a top speed of 60mph.  You can see from the pictures that its racy, streamlined body is great to look at but with the current offer of a free top box with every order, worth amost £50, its a really great buy too.

This particular model in only available in black, but looking at it, what other colour would look as cool?

All in all, this 125cc Python scooter is an exciting new arrival to the Direct Bikes lineup and will offer you everything you could want from a street smart, street performing quality road scooter. If you’d like to see the scooter in full 3D view, have a look at the full product page. What’s more, there is a promise in place that will deliver your 125cc scooter within three days of payment or, if you simply can’t wait that long, a 24 hour, a next day delivery option is also available.

125cc Python Scooter

Only £1099

Check out how stylish looking the Cruiser Scooter.  Not only does it look good but its 4 stroke engine gives this Cruiser Scooter a wicked top speed of 60mph and can travel almost 100 miles to every gallon of petrol. I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of solo travel and as soon as I get paid at the end of this month, I’m swapping my £20-a-go car travelling expenses for a nifty little £7 and a trendy looking scooter.

This model’s sleek design makes it even more popular on the streets because it is unique when you compare it to all the other road scooters out there in their bland colours and if you want something that will turn heads then this is surely it. Like most of the scooters we’ve looked at, this one comes in a variety of colours:  black, blue or red.  If you want to view a full 360 degree view of the scooter then just click on the links.

So, as a final note, this scooter comes with a special offer as you will get a free top box with every order worth almost £50.  Just think, you could have this 125cc sports scooter delivered to your door with 3 working days, or even tomorrow if you place your order today and pay for next day delivery. Imagine that, tomorrow night…

125cc Cruiser Scooter

Only £699

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