Scooters on the rise!

Statistics out today revealed that 2011 saw Scooter registrations rise nearly 12% showing the increase in their popularity as fuel costs soar. The rate is expected to increase further this year as high oil prices drive people from their cars to buy a scooter.

With scooters capable of getting around 300 miles to £15 of petrol they can seem very attractive for those car drivers paying 4 to 5 times that amount yet getting the same mileage.

Parking is of course easier with a scooter, and navigating traffic in a busy city can be easier and quicker due to their smaller size and ability to bypass traffic. Parking charges are often free for scooters, especially electric powered ones as the Government attempts to encourage us to ditch motors powered by fossil fuels. With bus lanes now being opened up to scooter traffic, beating the traffic is now even easier, making commutes much less stressful and hassle free.

In an age of austerity and ongoing job losses and cuts, everyone is looking to cut back on living and travel costs. Ditching your expensive car, with its repayments, fuel costs, insurance, tax and MOT can seem very attractive when compared with how much you save running a scooter. A 50cc sports scooter is usually the best way to save money, as their running costs are tiny compared to larger engines bikes. Of course those seeking a bike with a bit more ‘oomph’ are better looking at 125cc scooters but as with any larger motor, fuel consumption is higher, yet still pitifully tiny even when compared to the most fuel efficient cars.

Of course they are not for everyone; Large families would struggle, but for a lot of us who simply commute to work by ourselves the majority of the time, the savings are very worthwhile.

To ride a moped, all you need to do is pass a one day CBT test. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training, and teaches you the basics and te need to protect yourself on the road. Defensive driving has become a critical element taught to new scooter riders – and how not to rely on other road users to never make mistakes.

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