South African Scooter Madness!

If you’ve been watching the world cup lately you’ll have probably not noticed this beneath the booming sound of the vuvuzelas but they are there. What are we talking about? The healthy humming and buzzing of hundreds of 125cc scooters as punters zip through the busy streets of South Africa.

South Africa is the native home of Jonway Scooters whose new 2010 models have impressed the UK market almost as much as the hospitality of the South Africans at the World Cup. The scooters being used to run about the cities of the host nation are both 50cc and 125cc and continue to be one of the most economical methods of petrol-powered personal transport available.

Back here in the UK, we are seeing a growing number of 125cc models on the roads which is continuing to drive down prices and now UK commuters can buy a brand new scooter for as little as £499. The £499 sports scooter is available in a flurry of colours and available with next day delivery too.

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