Origins of the 125cc Engine

Most 125cc scooters carry a copy of Honda 125cc bike motor that the famous motor company issued in 1950.

It was the Chinese who took this technology and obtained a patent on the engine. In essence, the 125cc version is a suped up Honda CT110. Wisdom here that uses the same engine and the motor casing barrel sawed it to fit 54 mm piston stroke, and expand.

125cc engines are now stable and reliable, but the first release on the markets were a nightmare.

When the first 125cc engine was released, there were some common problems:

  • Clutches were not strong enough to handle the extra power, it is 125 cc.
  • Overheated engine. Use the Pistons are just garden variety. Aluminium stress at high temperatures, bending, and burn circles. It would melt in the tube and plunger. Woe That’s not good.
  • Inner seal the sprocket and clutch covers to burst and leak gear oil, because the pressure release valve would be jammed between frame and engine assembly engine does not allow to escape the pressure.
  • The internal engine piston rings as important, bearings to get out of cheap raw materials, resulting in poor quality products.

Best 125 cc engine and the most reliable on the market when the fan motor. Zongshen comes close second, then Du cars. Incarceration is the best 125cc racing engine built for the 125cc class, but it is much more expensive.

About 50 years later 125 cc engines are now very reliable, and 99.5% of all the problems are ironed out. For a selection of the leading 125cc scooters with quality, reliable engines, visit our 125cc scooters garage.

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