De-Restrict Your 50cc Scooter

Have you ever wished your 50cc scooter would just cross that 30mph barrier without going down a hill? It’d be nice to be able to watch your other 50cc comrades flounder in your dust trail as you squeeze that extra few mph out of your scooter than theirs. They’ll be asking themselves how you do it, maybe even asking you how you do it but what’s even better; is that you never have to tell them how easy it was.

Choose a de-restriction guide from one of the guides listed below. Most of these guides have been sourced from other writers and I have credited the original authors and urls in each case.

DeRestrict an Aprilla 50cc Scooter (applicable to most other modern 50cc scooters too).

“If you drive a modern automatic (twist-n-go) scooter, then it is likely that your scooter has been restricted to prevent it from reaching its full power. This is typically done to keep the power and speed down so that the vehicle can be registered under scooter or moped classifications that many states have. This classification means many scooter drivers do not need license plates, special licenses, or expensive registrations.”
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DeRestrict Panterra 50cc Scooters

“I bought a red Panterra Fusion 50cc scooter a year ago and was so completely disgusted by its performance that I left it in the garage for a while. I could only get to 20-25 downhill with a good tailwind, and on some hills I couldn’t go more than 10. It was embarrassing.”

“After doing a ton of research, my scooter now easily goes 35-40 on a straight away, and 45-50 on slight downhills. That hill that made me to go 10? I can cruise up that one at 25 now!”
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