125cc Scooter Deals: March 2010

Feast your eyes on some of these crazy 125cc scooter deals availabe to you in March 2010. We’re highlighting a retro scooter, a sports scooter, a quality scooter and links to great value used 125cc scooters. These deals are compiled from searches on the internet conducted in March 2010 and we believe we’ve found some gems. if you’ve found a better deal somehwere else, please let us know!

125cc Cruiser Scooter

Sporty, sleek and stylish, this 125cc sports scooter is the perfect answer to your commuting problems. Fast, cheap and reliable, if you weren’t considering it before, you should be now! This scooter has a top speed of around 50mph and will deliver around 100 MPG in fuel consumption, making it sporty, nippy and cheap to run.

Buy Today for Only £699

125cc Retro Tommy Scooter

Looks that turn heads, an engine that purs and a fuel tank that’ll give you miles more for your money, why on earth wouldn’t you consider a 125cc Tommy Retro Scooter? This is featured in March best scooter deals because it’s still a fantastic retro scooter and is the best priced uk retro 125cc scooter on the market at just £799.

Buy Today for Only £799

125cc Quality Jonway Scooter

The Jonway 125cc is a real quality scooter that packs far more punch than it gets credit for. It is the next step up from the chinese imported scooters and comes in at the other end of the scale. The Jonway 125cc will serve you well in the fuel consumption charts as well as do you rpoud in the power department 😉 !

Buy Today for Only £1599

125cc Used Scooter Deals

We have a huge collection of used 125cc scooter deals for you to browse through over in our dedicated used scooter section. From used 125cc sports scooters to barely used 125cc retro scooters, our used scooter section will surely come up with something you’ll be interested in.

View Our Used 125cc Scooter Deals

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