The Benefits of Riding a Scooter in the UK

Its no small wonder why scooters are so attractive to riders in the U.K. With the credit crunch problems in full force as well as petrol and diesel prices continuing to climb, sales of scooters rose almost 5% in June alone. In fact, the price of petrol is currently up to 117.6 pence, and diesel is up to 130.5 pence. Many people are making the transition from cars to scooters. Having lower insurance and tax rates than cars is another great benefit of riding scooters. We shall now take a more in depth look into more benefits of riding scooters in the United Kingdom.

Using scooters to navigate through towns and cities is a great way to get around in the U.K. If there ever is a problem or traffic jam, you have the ability to weave in and out of traffic to avoid it. Also, scooters are very good economical investments. For example, they are fairly inexpensive to buy, you can more easily find parking, parking is free and in relation to cars, fuel costs are nominal. In fact, a research group performed tests on scooters and their petrol consumption. They drove the largest, most fuel-guzzling scooter with a 125cc size engine for 150 miles per week. They concluded that it would cost you around 420 pounds per year to fuel the scooter. Not to mention the fact that, unlike a car, the scooters environmental impact is minimal. Additionally, bicycles, motorbikes and scooters have been exempted from the congestion charge in London.

Another benefit of riding scooters in the United Kingdom is that it is better than public transportation. Trains, for example, are limited by the fact that not every town or city has a station there. Not to mention what you might have to pay just so you can get to a particular train station. Tickets may be fairly costly, depending on what time of the day it is. Then you must wait and hope it doesn’t get cancelled. You must then repeat this same process on your way home. Buses, on the other hand, may be a bit better. The downside of riding buses is that they seem to go slow and stop frequently. And again, just like the trains, you are hoping that every bus shows up on time. Having taken all of this information into account, it seems that riding a scooter would allow you to travel more efficiently while using your own timetable.

Scooters are great for people who want to minimize their environmental footprint. Seeing as how cars have been such a popular form of transportation in the U.K. for so many years, many individuals believe that it is time for them to be more environmentally responsible. As cars have polluted our atmosphere and guzzled our fuel, scooters and mopeds would have the opposite effect. In fact, since scooters are smaller and lighter than cars, they use a very small and insignificant amount of fuel. This means they will also emit far less amounts of carbon dioxide as well. Not to mention your petrol costs will significantly decrease, too.

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