Motor Scooter Engine Types – Two Stroke Vs Four Stroke

If you’re looking to buy a new motor scooter there are a few things you should know about engine size and type that will save you a lot of headache later on. First of all there are two main types of engines: two stroke and four stroke. Depending on which kind you buy, a motor scooter can either be an enjoyable experience or a frustrating one. So it is important to choose the right kind of scooter. Another big factor in how well your experience with motor scooters will be is what size of engine you get. Too small can leave you wanting more and possibly not take you were you need to go, and too big can be too much for you to handle or overkill for where and how far you need to travel. In this article I will cover both factors so you can buy the perfect scooter for you.

The first thing you need to know is how engine size for scooters is measured. Gas engines on scooters are measured by “cc” or cubic centimeters which is the volume of a cube measuring 1×1×1 cm. 1 cc = 1 ml. So a 150cc scooter has 150 ml of air + fuel mixture intake in a cylinder bore. 50cc is the most common size and is relatively small compared to others but sizes can exceed 800cc, which is basically just a motorcycle at that point. Depending on what size you decide to go with, scooters can travel on the interstate just fine. The exception to that is the 50cc and really anything under 125cc. So make sure you pick a size that you are comfortable with that will take you where you need to go.

The next thing to consider when purchasing a scooter, and this is a big one, is what type of engine to choose. Some manufactures will give the option between a two or four stroke engine but really this is a non issue due to several reasons. First off, most manufactures have discontinued two stroke engines because of the problems with them. They are prone to braking down much more often then four stroke and they also have a shorter life span. In the winter months, two stroke scooters will often form a film over the carburetor that will make starting next to impossible unless it is warmed up. Also changing the oil on a two stroke is a very time consuming process vs the 10-20 minute job for a four stroke. On top of all these issues is the fact that they are less fuel efficient and pollute more. So really the choice is pretty clear and even at a big discount I wouldn’t take a two stroke engine if I had the choice.

So what scooter do you actually pick? Well that’s up to you and what you need but a scooter that is 50cc is usually a good choice for teenagers or people who only travel around town without the need to get around on the freeways. They get some of the best gas mileage as well and are generally cheaper than others. If you do need to travel some distance for whatever reasons, or use the interstate, a 125cc motor scooter would probably be your best bet. 125cc scooters aren’t too hard to handle for most people and are a good compromise of speed, power, performance, and price. Do go bigger though if you want even more power. Even many of the larger scooters get good mpg compared to cars.

So now that you understand how scooter engine types can affect your experience with riding one, hopefully you’ll be able to make the right decision and pick a scooter that will be right for you. Just remember the advantages of four stroke vs two stroke and you’ll be fine.

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