How To Assemble Direct Bikes Scooters

We’ve had a number of questions coming in over the past few months about assembling scooters. Many of our users often ask us “How do I assemble Scooters from Direct Bikes?” so we thought we’d cut down on all the extra mailing we’re doing and make a guide about it.Direct Bikes scooters come in 50cc and 125cc varieties. They are some of the best quality, best value scooters in the UK but as with most things, in order to keep prices down, some sacrifices have to be made. One of the things Direct Bikes do with their scooters to keep the price cheap enough for us to buy, is to cut out the middlemen. This means that scooters from direct bikes don’t come fully assembled.

Don’t panic now though, the assembly process is straight forward and anyone who can handle a screwdriver can usually make the assembly changes that are necessary to get your new 125cc scooters up and running. Usually with direct bikes scooters, the only assemly that is necessary are the extra features that come with the scooter and the wing mirrors. These are very easy to fix on and can be done by almost anyone.

Here’s a snapshot of some reviews that we’ve taken from

  • “Ordered my scooter from Direct Bikes last week and wasn’t aware it wouldn’t come assembled but it was a piece of cake to put together and the price was too good to miss. Registration took a few days but other than that, everything is excellent and I’d recommend the company to anyone looking for a cheap scooter.”
  • “I got my scooter last week, it comes in a steel frame to prevent damge in delivery. all i had to do was fit the battery. it took around 5 minutes to sort out and then it takes a few hours to charge. im really happy with it, just need to register it. cheap insurance, cheap moped and good quality *****”
  • “I recently ordered a bike from Direct Bikes. It arrived quickly and was easy to put together. I was a little unsure about how to register the bike but was offered helpful advice when I called Direct Bikes. I’m so happy to be on the road now. I love the bike and it certainly beats the congestion charge. I have recommended Direct Bikes to friends – cool bikes at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Thank you.”

If you’d like to share your own experiences with assembling a direct bikes scooter, then contact us with your experience and we will publish it so that anyone can view it – even if you had a bad experience.

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