Are Cheap 50cc Scooters Worth It?

You’re considering a 50cc scooter but are not sure if all the stuff you’ve read online or what your friends have said is true. Do they really fall to pieces when you ride them? What’s the lifespan? Do you have to build it yourself? Whats wrong with it? Is it really new? All of these will be questions you’ve no doubt asked yourself when you’ve been looking at 50cc scooters online. To be fair, there’s quite a myriad of info online from all kinds of sources and it can be quite difficult to get to the bottom of it all. Hopefully this little guide will help set some of your fears aside or perhaps even confirm the ones you have.

50cc-blackFirst of all we’ll set a few ground rules. Remember that a 50cc scooter is not designed as your ultimate riding experience. There’s bigger, more powerful scooters or mopeds for that. No, the job of the 50cc is normally as a starter scooter. Something to get you going in the world of scootering or biking with minimal fuss, complication and most of all, cost. As with all things in life, much of what you get is certainly what you pay for, however because you can get such polarisations between prices on 50ccs, we realise it can be difficult to assess what sort of price range you should expect and what sort of performance you can expect from such a price range.

As a rule of thumb, a 50cc scooter is going to be restricted in speed to about 30mph, regardless of design or style. They’ll also deliver you a 50cc scooter miles per gallon of over 100 miles. An excellent mileage, you’ll agree. These things are pretty much common knowledge amongst scooterists but some questions that aren’t as common are the ones that refer to chinese-manufactured scooters and what sort of build quality they’ve been manufactured to.

Chinese 50cc Scooters – Built to Last

Since China grew into the largest manufacturing economy in the 2000s, it’s been hard for the country to lose its wham, bang, thank you mam manufacturing image. However the reality is that because there is so much pressure on chinese manufacturers now to conform to international standards, it is absolutely unavoidable for serious manufacturing companies to take their processes and quality control very seriously. This is especially true of chinese scooter manufacturers too because the reality of the situation, regardless of what you may read or hear online or from your friends, is that to even supply the scooters into the European market they need to meet strict quality and safety guidelines.

This would be true in normal economic climates but with the current pinch of global economies, it is even more important for those manufacturers in place to build products that last and stand the test of time because in this climate, only the storng will survive. And let’s face it, if you make poor quality goods that break when used you’re not going to get a lot of repeat customers are you?

This brings us nicely onto scooters and how there has been a greater shift in price vs quality over the last year or so and with demand continuing to rise, the 50cc chinese scooters coming in to the UK (and Europe) have been getting better and better in build quality.

What 50cc Scooters Should I consider?

Well, given that the 50cc scooter you’re looking for will most likely be a starter scooter, the major 2 factors will be price and safety. All road vehicles need to meet minimum safety standards and all have been rigourously tested to ensure that they do so that leaves price as the major factor in your purchase decision. If you own a scooter and need some Fuzion tires sale then take a look here. Currently in the UK, you can actually buy a 50cc scooter for less than £500! Yes, £500…Because this is a starting bike, we’d not recomend anything other than getting something that will deliver you absolute bang for your buck and the 50cc Sport Scooter will do just that.

50cc-black 50cc-sports-scooter-red

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