5 Reasons to Buy Used Vespa Scooters

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Vespa Scooters have become an icon of 20th century style. Since their initial manufacture in the 1940s, the Vespas have gained an unquenchable popularity with commuters from working class heroes to hollywood superstars. Popularised in the 50s as the clean motorcycle, a way to travel from A to B without getting dirty due to the vespa’s bulky metal chassis that covered the traditional open engines that were on other motorcycles of the decade, their image hasn’t changed much. Still an icon of utmost style, the Vespa was reinvigorated in the late noughtys (2007+) due to a resurgence in retro style and has gained further momentum as a means of transport in the UK to circumvent London’s congestion charges (scooters don’t get charged) and combat the rising petrol prices, the vespa’s demand continues to grow.


Whilst we can’t really write too many superlatives to explain how much of a style icon the Vespa Scooter has become, it goes without saying that demand for used vespa scooters has grown exponentially in the last two years. There are more than 100 used Vespa scooters available to buy on ebay right now at great prices and to help you choose the right one for you, we’ve compiled our top 5 reasons why you should buy your own used vespa scooter today.

1. More Travelling, Less Cost

The Vespa has an average MPG (miles per gallon) of between 70-120 MPG when compared to the average small car’s 40MPG. On average this could save you up to £30 per week in petrol costs making the vespa the ideal commuter vehicle. Why travel to work in a clunky car when you can nip about the streets in style on your Vespa.

2. Undeniably Stylish

Over the years, top celebrities (including those in Hollywood) have been unable to withstand the pull from the Vespa. it is without a doubt one of the most stylish icons of the 20th century and over the years, you may have seen any of the following celebs scootering about on a vespa: Gwyneth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Chaplin, Jamie Oliver and many many more.

3. The Used Scooter That Only Goes Up In Value

When you buy a used vespa, you’re not only buying something of exceptional style and taste, but you can also be buying something of great value. The thing with vespas is that if you buy the right model, and you can see all the vespa models over on the used vespa scooters page here, then you can bag not only something that can get you from A to B in true style but also, if its look after properly, can return a profit for you in years to come. Vintage Vespas are so popular that they are in equal demand to new ones!

4. Individualise Your Style

Another great thing with vespas is that their is a whole industry that has sprouted up to help you customize and individualise your ride. You’ve seen Pimp My Ride, the MTV show that ‘pimps’ up cars and turns them into completely custom, unique cars…well, now you can have a look at a company that will do the same for your used scooter!

5. Cut Out Congestion Charges Completely

Yes, that’s right, if you’re commuting through London, you’ll already know how hard the congestion charges can hit your pocket. Once way to keep the council out of your pocket in London is to buy a scooter for your daily commute. Scooters will not get charged a congestion charge and parking is more readily available. If you combine the congestion charge with the added MPG you’ll get from a used vespa, you could save up to £60 per week or more!


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