Who Can Ride ‘L’ Plate Scooters?

We’ve been asked so many times in the past about who is legally allowed to ride 50cc or 125cc scooters. There is a difference between the two and sometimes people can get confused by the information that’s out there. Our guide will help you understand the UK legal requirements for CBT and L plated scooters and will remove any confusion you may have around the subject.

Who can ride a 50cc Scooter?

To ride a 50cc scooter you need to be at least 16 years of age and preferably be able to ride a bicycle. You are legally entitled to ride a 50cc moped not exceeding 30mph with a CBT and ‘L’ Plates. If you want to find out how to obtain a CBT, please visit our CBT guide.

Your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) normally takes one day to complete and once you’ve satisfactorily passed the course, you will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course’ (DL196).

You will then be able to ride with ‘L’ plates on your scooter without passengers and excluding motorways.

Who can ride 125cc Scooters?

The same rules apply up to 125cc as they do for a 50cc moped however at this level, a rider has the option to take an additional riding course, known as the A2 or standard course. This course, once satisfactorily completed, will allow the rider to ride machines of up to 33bhp, ride without L plates, carry passengers and ride on motorways.

This is a restricted entitlement and full motorcycle entitlement is automatically removed after 2 years.

There are special themed tests available, specifically suited to scooters that restrict you to less than 125cc but lift some other restrictions.

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