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Alternatively, you can pick up a used vintage scooter for around the same price and if you’re handy at all, this may be the better hobby-cum-commuter scooter solution for you. Used italian vespas, tamorrettis and piaggios can command a higher resale price that is comparative to a new 125cc or 50cc retro scooter so it really is up to you to decide just what sort of quality you want for your scooter.

At the end of the day, you could end up saving a couple of hundred pounds buying a used scooter compared to a new scooter but you’ll have to weigh the time i’ll take to get the scooter up and running to perfect condition + the cost of putting that time into it (as well as buying the parts) against the extra few hundred you could pay for a brand new scooter.

Buying an older used scooter may also give you additional running headaches (just because its old) so if you’re looking for worry-free driving, with modern-day conveniences like electric starts, twist and gos and automatic transmissions then really, you need to look at new scooters. Additionally, remember that new scooters come with warranties, are very easy to drive, and now come in a huge selection of styles and colors – including brand new ‘retro-styled’ scooters like these on this page.

And all of this for around £750.

3. After you’ve considered style, its time to consider power

How much power you need for your scooter depends on what routes you intend to travel. Generally speaking, 50cc scooters for sale in the UK have a maximum speed of around 45mph. However you will find that almost all 50cc (49cc) scooters available to buy have a restricted top speed of about 30mph. This is essentially to comply with UK law. This is important because whilst the scooter has a practical top speed of about 30mph, you may be thinking, surely if that’s all the speed it has, how will it even get me over that little hill there…well, because the speed is restricted, you will find that the 50cc scooters on sale today will have enough Horse Power to pull you over hills despite their speed limitations. Remember that scooters weren’t really designed to be ‘racing bikes’ and are primarily designed for urban travel to allow you to nip through heavily laden streets and tight parking spots. A 50cc scooter will be more than enough to get you to work and back and help mobilise you for street travel.

If you feel that you will need more power than this, then you can consider a 125cc scooter which is still viable for riders who have passed their CBTs. A 125cc scooter will have a max speed of about 55mph. Again, restrictions will be in place to limit the speed at around this level but there may be ways to derestrict the top speed and free up the scooter to achieve a top speed of around 65mph.

In conclusion, both 50cc and 125cc scooters are viable options for CBT riders. 50cc will be suitable for someone looking to nip about town at a happy 30mph whilst the 125cc will comfortably reach top speeds of 50mph whilst carrying a heavier load.

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