Choose the Right Scooter

Read our guide and choose the right scooter for you

Read our guide and choose the right scooter for you

Before you decide which type of scooter you want to buy, you should consider the many different types of scooter that are actually available to you. In many cases, you may have only seen one website or type of scooter and haven’t given yourself a full overview of the market – and in the UK, the 50cc and 125cc road and learner legal scooter market is pretty big (and growing!). It’s important that you take some time to research which scooter will best suit your needs because there are subtle differences to scooter models that could make real differences to your pocket, your mileage, your comfort or indeed your style and street cred!

As with any purchase, you should understand fully what you want to use your purchase for and in this case, your scooter, because simple factors like using your scooter every day for work vs every weekend for a ride along the coast will affect your best possible match.

1. What will you use your scooter for?

Is your scooter purchase going to be predominantly a hobby or is it more practical ie. to get you to work every day?

As a general rule of thumb, we say to people if you’re going to be using your scooter every day for work then you need something that is:

  • Cheap to run (and therefore has a lower cc engine size). 50cc or 125cc would suit you best in these circumstances because you can get over 100 miles to the gallon and can fill the tank up on around £7 as at July 09. For an up-to-date list of the best 125cc scooter deals around or 50cc scooter deals make sure you have a look at our other website sections.
  • Easy to fix if something goes wrong – which means that scooter parts are accessible enough to get hold of and your make or model of scooter is not something that will not have the manufacturer’s (or retailer’s) support. This is an essential aspect because if you plan to commute daily to work then you can expect to rack up some mileage on your scooter and will probably require some sort of replacement scooter part within the first 24 months.
  • Comfortable enough to ride to work on every day. Ok so this may be slightly less important to some but if you plan to be doing around 20 miles per day at 30mph then you really should consider getting a comfortable scooter (maybe something like a used vespa scooter which is designed for comfort) to help ease the daily bump and grind a of a scooter ride. Normally we find that commuter scooters or in some cases retro styled scooters are more suitable for comfort as they tend to have been designed with the ‘ride’ in mind, rather than just the price.

2. How much should I pay? Are used and restored scooters any good?

The first part of that question pretty much lies with you. How much can you afford to pay for a scooter? If its going to be your only form of transport, then compare the price over a year to public transport or even a cheap second hand car and that will help put things into perspective for you.

Generally though, you can pick up a brand new road scooter, either 50cc or 125cc, for less than £1000! In some cases, like this 50cc scooter currently on sale at Direct Bikes, it will only cost you £499. The market really is wide open at the moment and as a rule of thumb, we’ve picked about £750-£850 as a guide price for a quality scooter.

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