Winter riding!

The nights are drawing in, the central heating is being turned on and the jumpers and coming out, which can only mean one thing: winter is here again.  Riding in winter can be very uncomfortable but not if you have the correct gear.  Here we have identified the most vital pieces of kit to keep you warm and cosy on those cold winter rides so you can enjoy riding in winter as much as you do in the summer…

Base Layers

It sounds obvious, but a good base layer is the key to staying warmer longer. The layer must remove moisture that your body produces away from your skin, so an extra t short and long sleeve top simply will not do. Wool and other natural fabrics might do an alright job but the best performance will come from synthetic materials like polyester, rayon, lycra and such. Blends of these materials tend to be the best though it is important not to buy a blend that has been designed for active sports like football and soccer as they are designed to literally suck moisture from your skin so sitting on a motorcycle all day would lead to a lot of itching.  Base layers can also make getting in and out of your leathers easier because of their low friction design.  A close fitting base layer can also help prevent grazing injuries.

EDZ, Proskins, Rukka and Infinity all do a good range of base layers.  Whether you choose a top, trousers, or one piece is down to personal preference and may be down to what leathers you have or the duration of your journey.


Again, as with base layers, the main purpose of your socks is to draw moisture away from your body.  Any socks that contain cotton will not do this and so will not keep your feet as warm as they could be.  Some of the best results point to a new type of blend that uses ceramic and wood fibre woven into a polyester synthetic, known as Ceramic Winter Sokz.  They insulate and draw moisture better than many other products and are not bulky, which means an airspace forms in your boot providing extra insulation.

Jacket Liner

Depending on your jacket, you may want to consider adding a jacket liner to trap and retain heat.  Most jacket liners that come with shelf brands like Teknic, First Gear and others will perform fine when temperatures are in the 60s or higher, but when riding in temperatures below 60 you will need a more capable garment in trapping and retaining heat. Try Outdoor Research’s Neoplume Jacket which is a thin lightweight mid-layer made with Primaloft. This piece of kit is excellent at storing heat at the core.

Jackets and trousers

When riding in the cold, textile gear is preferred as it gives more space-wise, thereby allowing you room for a good mid-layer inside. Textile gear with zip-out liners mean you can adjust to whatever weather condition you’re in thereby allowing much more flexibility and more comfortable rides all year round.  If you are looking for waterproof gear, do not just take manufacturers claims that their gear cuts the mustard.  Low cost gear is not likely to be waterproof so shop around and go for a reliable brand such as First Gear.

Rain gear

If the conditions are really cold, rain gear will add an additional layer and also help to retain your body heat for longer. Just as with your jacket and trousers, you will get what you pay for.


If you have ridden in the cold without a balaclava, you will know that your head, in particular your forehead, can get very cold to the point that it becomes uncomfortable.  A balaclava will help to both keep the cold out whilst keeping your head and neck warmer as you ride.  If you ride with an open face half shell helmet you should seriously consider finding a balaclava with Gore’s Wind Stopper in the fabric. A full face helmet means you may not need the balaclava stretched up over your head in which case you may prefer a neck gator.  Balaclavas and neck gators utilizing Wind Pro are made by Outdoor Research.

Glove liners

When it gets really cold, riding into the air can really become uncomfortable.  To address this, it can really pay to add a set of quality glove liners to your kit. Liners made with Capilene, Polartec or Lurex should be looked for. Some gloves liners even have a pocket where you can slip in a heat pack to add to the warmth and comfort.  Tour Master makes a good glove liner that incorporates Polortec.


When it comes to winter gloves there are a lot of items to choose from.  It goes without saying that the better made they are, the longer your hands will stay warm. In temperatures that are over 50 degrees most peoples’ hands will stay warm for the duration of a ride, though once temperatures start to drop into the 40s, no gloves on the market will retain heat longer than an hour or so. This is because your fingers are the least able of any other part of your body to retain heat when it comes to motorcycling. You therefore have two choices: Either plan to stop every hour or so to warm up or get some…

Heated grips

Heated grips are best used to compliment heated gloves as they will only keep your palms warm. Heated gloves are not usually lined on the inside of the palm and so the grips are a nice addition. When selecting heated grips, make sure that the thermostat supplied with them is waterproof as some are not.

Who said you can’t ride in the cold!



Choosing the best scooter helmet

No matter whether you’re only starting out with a scooter or you’ve been riding scooters for years, you’ll still need to buy a helmet if you want to stay safe while you’re out driving. Even though it might seem less fun riding a scooter with a helmet on, safety comes first! If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out how you can get the perfect scooter helmet for your own particular needs, we’ve got some tips for you:

Firstly, you could go to a shop that specialises in scooter equipment. In most cases, the people that work in these types of shops will know what they’re talking about so they should be able to help you out. If you’ve got any questions about helmets you should be able to get some good advice from these people, and don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need to buy the helmet from the shop either.  A lot of people go to these shops to get some advice and then go home to buy a helmet online at a much better price for example!

The size of the helmet is one of the most important things that you’ve got to get right. After all, there’s no point purchasing a great helmet at a good price if it doesn’t fit you properly. Getting the right sized helmet sounds a lot easier than it actually is though, but as long as you spend a bit of time trying out several different scooter helmets you should be fine. If you want to speed up the process, you could measure your head before testing out any helmet and then start trying them on you to see what you think of them. If you’ve got the money you might want to buy a spare helmet too just to have in case anything goes wrong.

Nowadays, many helmets come with a visor that has an anti-scratch and/or an anti-fog feature. Of course this will cost you more money, but these are really great features to have. The last thing that you want to happen is having a scratched visor that makes it nearly impossible to see out of or have a visor that is all fogged up due to the weather! We think that it’s certainly worth paying extra for.

Ventilation is another thing that’s worth thinking about. Some people buy scooter helmets that have a lot of vents so that they’ll be able to get fresh air, but they don’t think about the other affects that this causes. The more vents that there are in a helmet, the more noise that the rider will hear while he/she is on the scooter. This can be quite annoying, especially if you’re travelling long enough distances. However, there is one way that you can get around this, and that’s by purchasing a helmet that allows you to open and close the vents whenever you want. This means that you’ll get the best of both worlds since you’ll be able to decide when you want extra ventilation or not.

Scooters in the Wet Weather

Riding a Scooter in the rain

Perfect British Summer

In the UK it doesn’t take too long to get used to putting up with wet weather conditions if you use a scooter. Even during the summer months weather conditions can be quite bad, so it’s very important that you know some tips about how you (and your scooter!) can stay safe while you’re out and about on the roads when they are wet. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

What you’re wearing can be quite important if you’re on your scooter while it’s raining. You really should have good raingear on you to make sure that you can focus on the road ahead rather than how your body is feeling! Make sure that your raingear also has reflective strips or whatever too so that other drivers can clearly see you, especially when it’s foggy out. It’s well worth investing some money into some decent raingear as it’s worth it in the long term.

It can sometimes be difficult to see when the weather is poor, and that’s why you should try to have a good quality visor while you’re on the road when it’s wet out. There are several visors that have been designed so that the rainwater gets blown away without leaving any droplets of water blocking your vision, so it might be a good idea to buy one of these rather than a cheaper version. It’s also not a bad idea to bring a microfiber rag with you so that you can wipe your visor just in case you have a tough time trying to see the road that’s in front of you.

This should go without saying really, but it’s vital that people slow down when the roads are wet. When you’re finding it more difficult to see, you just need to slow down, it’s as simple as that. Not only this, but peoples reaction times are usually affected too when it’s raining! You’ve also got to remember that breaking distances increase when the roads are like this, so you should stay further away from the vehicle that’s in front of your scooter too.

Finally, you might want to plan your route before you head out on your scooter. Rather than being adventurous and using a route that you’ve never taken before, you might want to go a different way where you know the roads a bit better. This should help you avoid certain hazards that you never even knew could be dangerous when it’s raining. For example, if you come across a metal bridge when you’re out on your scooter in the rain then you might want to turn back and go away. Metal surfaces are just one type of surface that can be very tricky to drive on when you’re on a scooter, so don’t try to drive on it unless you’re sure that you’ll be able to control your scooter!

How to Reduce the Cost of your Scooter/Moped Insurance

Money is getting tighter for just about everyone these days, so it helps to cut down on your expenses wherever possible. If you own a scooter or a moped you’ll be glad to hear that there are some easy ways that you can reduce the cost of your insurance. Premiums are increasing for a lot of people around the United Kingdom, but here are just some tips that can make your premium cheaper:

  • Shop Around – This might sound obvious to some people, but you might be surprised about how many people don’t shop around when it comes to buying scooter or moped insurance. So many people just call one company and agree on a premium straight away, but this isn’t the way that you should do it. Instead, you should call at least 3 different insurers and so that you can choose the best (and the cheapest!) insurer. It might be a little bit time consuming, but it’ll be well worth it.
  • Over Insure – A lot of people have also over insured their vehicle which in turn means that you’ll be paying more for insurance. It’s not only moped or scooter insurance that this happens in though; it’s the same with house insurance etc. Always remember that if anything were to happen to your bike you’d only receive the market value of it, so only insure it for the market value!
  • Mileage – Some people don’t use their moped or scooter regularly. Some people in countries (like in the UK) decide to only go on their bike in the summer months since the weather is better, and if this is what you do then you should contact your insurer and let them know about this so that you can try to get a better deal from them.
  • Secure the Bike – Another way that you can get cheaper insurance is by making sure that your bike is secured at all times. If you have a garage or whatever in your house then you could store your moped or scooter there which means that there is less risk of it being stolen. Because of this, the insurance company that you’re with should give you a discount on your insurance premium. You could also do some other things to secure your bike such as putting an alarm on it too.
  • Yearly Policies – If you use your bike all year round (or even most of the year) then you should try to get a yearly policy. Agreeing to a yearly policy will be much cheaper than getting two 6 month policies for example. This is because the insurance company will give you a discount if you’re going to be using their services for a longer period of time, it’s quite similar to a mobile phone network giving a higher discount to people that get a yearly contract rather than a 6 month contract.

Scooter covers

If you don’t have your own garage for your scooter, then you really should invest a bit of money by buying a scooter cover. We think that a scooter cover is just as important as any other bike accessories such as a helmet and so on. You mightn’t think that a scooter could get damaged by things like the sun, rain, dirt and so on, but believe it or not scooters can easily get damaged by all of these things and more! If you care about the look of your scooter (and who doesn’t?) then you really should protect your bike with a scooter cover. There are many advantages of having a scooter cover including:

  • Protect your Scooter – As we just mentioned, scooters can get damaged from just about anything. If your scooter gets damaged and you want to sell it in the future you’ll lose out on a decent amount of money. So, what do you have to do to make sure that your scooter stays in the same condition that it’s in now? Simple, use a scooter covers, that’s it!
  • Thieves – When you think about ways to stop thieves from trying to rob your bike, the first thing that’ll come into your head is probably locks, alarms and so on. However, scooter covers can also stop thieves from trying to steal your scooter. Nearly all thieves love being able to see what they are about to steal (to make sure that it’s worth the hassle!) but if they can’t see what’s under the scooter cover then they mightn’t be bothered attempting to rob your bike.
  • Storage – If you don’t plan on using your scooter for a while, it might be worth buying a scooter cover so that you can cover up your scooter without it being in anybody’s way. For example, you could put your scooter in a spare room until you wanted to use it again (during Winter etc.) without being worried that children or whatever might damage it.

That’s just three reasons why we think every scooter owner should have their own scooter cover. Another thing that we think is important that we mention is that scooter covers are actually quite cheap, so there’s no excuse for not having one! You can pick up a good scooter cover for less than £25 at the moment, although you might have to pay a bit more if you want any special features such as air vents and so on. If you have the money to pay for a very good scooter cover then you really should do it, especially since a scooter cover can easily last a decade or so – so it’s definitely money well spent!


Covers for sale

L 190T ATV Cover Quad Waterproof Vehicle Scooter Motorbike Universal Camo

L 190T ATV Cover Quad Waterproof Vehicle Scooter Motorbike Universal Camo
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L 190T ATV Cover Quad Waterproof Vehicle Scooter Motorbike Universal Camo
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Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Extra Large

Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Extra Large
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Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Extra Large
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Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Large L

Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Large L
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No. of bids so far:
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0d 6h 45m
Tech7 Shadow Winter Waterproof Rain Cover Motorcycle Scooter Black Large L
Seller: eBay

L Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Motor Bikes Scooter Protector UV Dust Rain Cover

L Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Motor Bikes Scooter Protector UV Dust Rain Cover
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L Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Motor Bikes Scooter Protector UV Dust Rain Cover
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Gear Gremlin Waterproof Polyester Elasticated Motorcycle Cover Scooter

Gear Gremlin Waterproof Polyester Elasticated Motorcycle Cover Scooter
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Gear Gremlin Waterproof Polyester Elasticated Motorcycle Cover Scooter
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Oxford Aquatex Outdoor Cover for Motorcycle Scooter with Top Box New OF918

Oxford Aquatex Outdoor Cover for Motorcycle Scooter with Top Box New OF918
Current price:
Ends in:
1d 1h 16m
Oxford Aquatex Outdoor Cover for Motorcycle Scooter with Top Box New OF918
Seller: eBay

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Flaming Scooter!

I came across an article on the Sun web site recently about a scooter owner who’s moped fires 15ft flames! Colin Furze, a plumber from Lincolnshire, customised his scooter by adding a flame thrower attachment controlled by a lever on the scooter. Unfortunately the use of the flamethrower on the public highway is forbidden – what a shame! I’d love this modification – Ideal for barbecuing on the move, or blasting that annoying tailgater!

Check it out the flaming scooter here!

Scooter security

Scooter lockNo matter where you park your scooter, whether it’s in a busy city, or parked in your garden or driveway, you need to be wary of it’s vulnerability to theft. You mightn’t think that you can do a lot to stop people from stealing your scooter, but there are actually a number of things that you can do in order to reduce the chances of your scooter going missing. Nobody likes getting anything stolen from them, especially when it’s something so expensive like a motorbike which is why we’re going to go through some of the top tips to make sure that your scooter has a lower chance of being stolen:

  • Alarms – The most obvious thing that you’ll need to stop people from trying to steal your scooter is a decent alarm on it. Anything that draws attention to the potential thief can be helpful and may be enough to put them off. As well as this, make sure that the alarm is fitted by a professional too. Many people often buy cheap alarms since they don’t think that a better alarm is worth the money, however, if you have a good alarm on your scooter you should get a good discount on your premium from your insurance company!
  • Keys – You mightn’t think that anyone would be careless enough to leave their keys unattended beside their scooter, but believe it or not it does happen on a regular basis. The problem here is that some people think that when they’re just popping into the local shop for a minute or two that there’s no chance of someone stealing their bike – but this is far from the case, so better safe than sorry – keep your keys with you at all times.
  • Secure – Make sure that your scooter is secured to something that can’t be moved at all. Try to secure it to something that’s heavy too, so that you’ll make it difficult for anybody that’s trying to damage the lock that you (should!) have attached to your scooter. Heavy duty cable or brake disc should be used where possible.
  • Possessions – It’s not a good idea to leave any of your possessions on your scooter, whether it’s a helmet, your mobile phone etc. This could potentially attract some attention to your scooter and that’s something that you definitely don’t want to be doing if you want to make sure that your scooter is safe. Not only this, but the items that you have left on the scooter could get stolen too! If you must leave items on your scooter ensure you have a top quality lock box attached that can’t be easily broken or removed.
  • Block the Exit – If you usually leave your scooter in your garden, it’s not a bad idea to block the exit of your garden which will put people off trying to nick your pride and joy. It might be a bit difficult to block the exit since scooters are usually not too big, but you might be able to block your exit by parking a car in the way. Recent statistics show that 80% of stolen motorbikes are stolen from the person’s own home, so don’t assume that it won’t happen to you where you live.
  • Routine – Try not to stick to the same routine each and every day. For example, don’t park your scooter in the exact same place at the exact same time every morning on your way to work. By doing this, you’re increasing the chances of someone stealing your scooter since they’ll know when the best time to steal your scooter is.

Buying a used scooter

If you want to buy a scooter you’ll probably be tempted to buy a used one since they are generally many times cheaper than a brand new example. We all want to grab a bargain when buying anything used, but it’s important that you know what you’re doing to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. So, we are going to talk about some of the benefits and some of the drawbacks when you’re purchasing a second hand scooter so that you can decide whether you should buy a new or a used scooter.

The benefits of purchasing a used scooter include:

  • Cheap price – Budget is the main reason why most people decide to buy used, as buying something that’s not new will clearly be cheaper than buying it brand new.
  • Accessories – You’d be surprised to see what accessories people give free to you when they sell their scooters. People usually give all the accessories that they own since they probably won’t ever need them again, and these accessories can sometimes be quite expensive! It might not sound like a lot to get a couple of free accessories but they all add up.
  • Value – When you buy a new vehicle the value of it drops a lot the minute that you drive it home. This means that you’ll lose a decent amount of money if you decide to sell your scooter in the future which isn’t good. However, used scooters usually hold their value better so you should be able to get most of your money back should you decide to sell it at some point in the future (assuming that you bought it at a good price).

The drawbacks of purchasing a used scooter are:

  • Warranty – Nearly all used scooters that are for sale won’t come with any sort of warranty unless you buy it from a garage (but then that means that you’ll be paying quite a high price). It’s a bit of a gamble really, but if you get the scooter checked by a mechanic before handing over any money you should be fine.
  • Type of scooter – It can sometimes be difficult to find the exact scooter that you want to buy which can be annoying. When you’re buying a used scooter you’ve got to remember that you’ll very rarely find exactly what you’re looking for so you might have to compromise a little bit. For example, you might have to get a scooter that’s a little bit older than you originally wanted.
  • History – It’s well known that the first couple of hundred miles on a scooter are extremely important. It’s recommended that you run in the engine so that you get the most of the scooter in the future, but it’s impossible to know whether the original owner done this or not. This can affect the length of time that you get from the engine and as you know these types of problems aren’t cheap to fix unfortunately.

So whether you’re buying new or used, theres a lot to think about before you make the decision. Choose wisely and enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Benefits of Scooters for Commuting

Scooters make a lot of sense for commuting

Scooters make a lot of sense for commuting

Though the majority of people travel by car each and every day, more and more people are considering changing their mode of transport and thinking about buying a scooter to commute to and from work. Scooters are relatively new to the market since they’ve only been available to consumers towards the latter half of the 20th century yet their popularity is booming. There are many benefits of commuting on a scooter:

  • Cost – If you want to buy a car you’ll likely be facing a large initial expensive unless you’re buying an  old used prospect that is probably not in the best condition. Scooters can be bought for very little outlay and even less if you want to buy a second hand. With brand new scooters available from at little as £500 you may find it easier to afford than you think.
  • Fuel – We all know that fuel prices are increasing every week, and there’s a high chance that it’ll continue to rise in the future, with rising oil prices and fuel tax showing no sign of retreat. On average, a normal car would probably get around 35 miles per gallon while a scooter could easily get 3 or 4 times that which is obviously a huge difference, especially if you travel on a daily basis. Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: “Rising parking charge and high fuel costs point to two wheel motor vehicles as an obvious solution for those seeking sustainable personal transport, with some new scooters and mopeds doing up to 146mpg.”
  • Traffic – Nobody likes sitting in traffic at any time, particularly during rush hour. If you live in a city or a large town you’ll know exactly what we are talking about here. In a car you’d have no choice but to sit there and wait, but if you had a scooter you’d be able to skip most of the traffic and get to wherever you’re going to a lot quicker. Avoiding gridlock becomes a breeze and far less stressful than wasting time behind the wheel.
  • Easier to drive – It might sound a little bit strange, but if you don’t know how to drive yet but you need to travel then you really should think about learning how to drive a scooter. There’s not a lot to learn really since it’s quite simple, after you practice a bit you’ll know just about everything there is to know about driving any type of scooter!
  • Age – You can drive a scooter at age 16 with a CBT up to a 50cc engine size, which means you have the freedom a whole year before your car driving friends and with current car insurance prices, at a lot cheaper rate. Getting to and from a part time job also becomes a lot easier, and theres no need to rely on friends or family for lifts.
  • Insurance/Tax – Since the engine sizes on scooters are very small, the cost of insurance and tax is much cheaper than if you were to insure/tax a car for obvious reasons.
  • Parking – Parking is something that nearly every person dreads, especially when you’re just starting out driving. As you probably expect though, parking a scooter is extremely easy so you won’t have to worry about parking too much, even if it’s in a really tight spot!

With prices so low, theres a scooter for every taste, whether you want something with a bit more poke like a 125cc engine, a nippy and cheap 50cc bike or even an electric scooter for those doing only a few miles a week. So you can see there are plenty of reasons why using a scooter for commuting makes a lot of sense.

The Vespa Scooter

VespaEven though Vespa scooters are decades old right now, they are still one of the most popular scooters on the market which is quite amazing! These scooters are made by an Italian manufacturer called Piaggio and they’ve become one of the greatest scooters in the world, featuring in many films since the 1960’s. What many people don’t realise is that Vespa scooters were first used by troops that were in World War 2 all the way back in the 1940’s. You might be wondering why troops would need a scooter since you’d think that they’d need something stronger like a jeep or even a tank, but these types of scooters were used by the American soldiers so that they could still travel even when roads were blocked and so on. As most people already know, the Italians came up with the idea of having good scooter while keeping it stylish and they certainly done a good job of it!

Years ago Vespa scooters seemed cool and it’s still the same today which is quiet rare, since these type of things usually go out of fashion after a short period of time. Soon after the Vespa scooter first came out in Italy, the scooter then became extremely popular in the United States – particularly in Hollywood. As we previously mentioned, the scooter was then used in a number of different films such as The Conversation. After all of this publicity celebrities then got in on the action of this great little scooter, with Mickey Rourke (an American actor) even getting in trouble for drink driving on one of them.

There are a lot of reasons why the Vespa scooter has been so popular all over the world. One of the main reasons why so many people own one is because you don’t need as much money to run it in comparison to something like a car. Since petrol and diesel prices are always on the rise these days this can play a massive role to help people decide whether they want a car or a scooter. Scooters are considerably cheaper to travel in, although some people might need more space for their family and so on. As well as this, many people have grown up dreaming of owning one a Piaggio Vespa scooter and while many people won’t be that lucky, there are some people that will be fortunate enough to be able to purchase one of them. It’s not often that something so retro is still seen as a “cool” thing, and a Vespa scooter is definitely still cool nowadays.

If you’re thinking about buying a Vespa scooter and you’re not sure how much they usually sell for, you’ll be glad to find out that they aren’t as expensive as most people think they are. In fact, you’d easily be able to pick one up for around £1,000 or so but this won’t be one of the old models from the 60’s and 70’s. If you want an old one you’d want a couple of thousand at least, but the price depends on a few things like the condition of it. Click here to check out the used Vespa scooters available on eBay.

To read more about Vespa scooters, read our article here on 5 good reasons to buy a used Vespa

Scooters on the rise!

Statistics out today revealed that 2011 saw Scooter registrations rise nearly 12% showing the increase in their popularity as fuel costs soar. The rate is expected to increase further this year as high oil prices drive people from their cars to buy a scooter.

With scooters capable of getting around 300 miles to £15 of petrol they can seem very attractive for those car drivers paying 4 to 5 times that amount yet getting the same mileage.

Parking is of course easier with a scooter, and navigating traffic in a busy city can be easier and quicker due to their smaller size and ability to bypass traffic. Parking charges are often free for scooters, especially electric powered ones as the Government attempts to encourage us to ditch motors powered by fossil fuels. With bus lanes now being opened up to scooter traffic, beating the traffic is now even easier, making commutes much less stressful and hassle free.

Read More…

Choosing the Right Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have been getting more and more popular over the last couple of years for a wide range of reasons. If you’ve got caught up in the craze but you’re not too sure how to choose the right electric scooter, don’t worry about it! Once you’ve finished reading this article you should know a lot more about how you should choose the right electric scooter for you and let’s face it, they aren’t the cheapest things in life so it’s vital that you make the right decision the first time around. Here are some things that you should consider when searching for your perfect electric scooter Read More…

Buying the Right Tyres for 50cc Scooters

The most vital part of a 50cc scooter is the scooter tyre. Choosing the right type of tyre is very important to ensure maximum safety and better performance. Most motorists prefer to choose top notch tyres which can guarantee comfortable riding as well as excellent performance. Obviously, the quality of a tyre affects the scooter’s ability to ride, including its grip on the road, and the safety and comfort of the rider. With this in mind, it is vital to choose the right type which gives the scooterist the best possible performance for the budget they have. This guide will help you assess the road worthinness of scooter tyres. Read More…

Best chinese scooter insurance

If you’ve recently bought a brand new Chinese scooter you are soon going to realise the necessity for a decent
insurance policy. Chinese scooters by design are deemed an urban form of transport and are widely utilised for commuting; they’re an appealing and economical choice of transport specifically in these times of rising oil costs and petrol prices that seem to rise daily. Chinese scooters have been developed from the outset using the commuter in mind, providing a more comfortable option to the classic motorcycle. The scooter has smaller wheels and a footplate nicely positioned to allow the rider to sit with his or her feet facing forward and not requiring the rider to completely straddle the seat such as when using a conventional motorcycle. This design makes this type of scooter ideal for city commutes as well as those fashion conscious amongst us.

Chinese scooters have changed little in style since their early development days when the style incorporated most of the capabilities we can see and associate with the modern day scooter. Chinese Scooter Insurance as with all other forms of automotive insurance are a legal requirement and could potentially be rather expensive depending on the previous history, age and experience of the rider along with other elements, for instance previous claims history, and geographic location. If an location has a greater than usual rate of claims, accidents or crime then this can impact the cost of your insurance cover.

If you’re now searching for chinese scooter insurance it truly is worth comparing insurance costs on-line as a variety of motorcycle and insurance comparison internet sites have now sprung up on the internet, providing you, the consumer the opportunity to compare policies in one place. Its also worth bearing in mind that most insurers are always on the look out for new custom and as such are sometimes willing to give appealing policies and premium prices for new buyers. So even if you have been with the identical insurer for sometime and have an active no claims bonus built up, it can still be worth your while to take some time out to compare rival insurance companies. The aim with insurance would be to balance cost of premium with peace of mind, this you’ll want to be able to do without having first getting a policy by checking out forums and discussions online from other chinese scooter owners and their insurance experiences. Obtaining scooter insurance may seem a chore and not one most of us will go into with a smile on our faces, but life has been made somewhat easier with the explosion of online insurance offers. Further savings can also be produced by buying a policy directly online where some motorcycle insurers will offer you generous discounts as mcuh as 10% for a policy bought online. If you’rr searching for chinese scooter insurance and you’re keen to obtain the cheapest chinese scooter insurance, visit Quality Scooters and check out the Scooter Insurance section.

Top 10 Scooter Tyres Reviewed

The most vital part of a scooter is the scooter tyres. Choosing the right type of tyre is quite important to ensure safety and better performance. Most motorists prefer to choose top notch tyres which can guarantee comfort and excellent performance. Obviously, the quality of a tyre affects its riding style, safety and comfort of the rider. It is vital to choose the right type which gives the scooterist the best possible performance for the budget they have. This list of top 10s should hopefully help do that. Read More…

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