Gloves and Hand Warmers

What is one thing any scooterist needs, at any time of year but especially over the winter?  A really good pair of gloves.  There’s nothing worse than driving around in the cold, wet, even snowy conditions, with a poor pair of gloves that leave your hands feeling like blocks of ice by the time you reach your destination.  This can also be pretty dangerous as you need your hands to be working so that you can handle your scooter safely.

Below we’ve set out some of our favourite gloves and glove accessories that will really help to keep those fingers toasty during these cold months.

Gear X Black Winter Leather Gloves

Don’t be put of the low price of these gloves, they really are great quality.  Made from genuine leather with a Thinsulate lining and knuckle guards, these gloves will keep your hands warm on even the coldest rides.  They also have a Hipora layer and double stitching which makes them waterproof.  As well as the knuckle guards, there is padding on the fingers and palm, as well as anti slip on the palm grip for a comfortable ride, though the leather itself will very quickly mould to your hands allowing for great instrument control.  A perfect gift at a fantastic price.

MotorG Handlebar Handmuffs
A bit of something different but just as practical are these handmuffs from MotorG.  Made from high quality PU leather these muffs are waterproof and washable.  Lined with a thick fur to keep your hands warm but also feeling smooth and comfortable during your ride.  On a practical note, they have a small internal pocket for your mobile phone or heat pads and an adjustable string with toggle to allow a tight fit around your wrist – very important when you want to keep out the wind and rain.  The muffs have also been designed with safety in mind and have a spacious thumb pocket to ensure you can still press the horn and distance light button comfortably.  A really great option if you don’t want to buy yet another pair of gloves.

Gerbing G12 Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your scooter enthusiast then these heated motorcycle gloves have to be on the list.  Made from genuine leather with a Thinsulate lining these gloves are waterproof, windproof and breathable.  As they do not have the hard knuckles and extra armour like many motorcycle gloves they are comfortable and not at all bulky.  The gloves heat the entire length and side of each finger including the thumb, back of the hand and finger tips for perfect heat all the time, meaning your hands will stay toasty all through winter.  These gloves wire directly to the scooter with a plug in controller that connects to the gloves.  These will definitely raise a smile on Christmas morning!

Heart Horse Handlebar Warmers

For a fraction of the price of the heated gloves you can get these handlebar warmers.  With a fast warm-up speed and 3 variable temperatures they will keep your hands warm throughout the cold winter months.  The pads are flexible enough to fit under your handlebar pads so there is no loss of control.  The pads themselves wire up directly to the battery so the heat level remains constant throughout your journey.  With set-up being as quick as 10 minutes, the lucky person to be gifted this could have time for a quick ride round to test them before they tuck into their Christmas dinner.



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