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“The electric Tamoretti 125cc scooter is not only even cheaper to run than a normal 125cc scooter but it’s actually cheaper to buy too!”

Introducing the Tamoretti Electric Retro Scooter 125cc, one of the first of a new breed of trendy, stylish retro 125cc scooters to hit UK shores. Available to road test from May, this scooter is just the innovative kind of answer we need to solve both our economic problems and our ongoing environmental challenges.

As you can see from the images, the scooter packs all the style of its petrol cousin, the original Tamoretti Retro Scooter, but this it time it’s even better. The new, modernised electric version has all the power of its predecessor but none of the polution and none of the cost. Clearly, I could go on about the cost saving benefits of this model forever but I won’t; I’ll just leave you with the knowledge that this scooter runs on electricity from your mains. Plug it in, charge it, run it. It’ll get you 45km before you need to plug it in again and as long as you do this at a public place where you can sneak a plug, or at your own home throughout the night when electricity is cheaper, you’ll see the benefits of cost in no time – especially in these tough times.

In terms of performance, well, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference although the electric scooter, it has to be said, seems to accelerate at a much faster pace than the petrol version. It’s quieter too, which is an added bonus. Pre-orders for this limited stock scooter have ALREADY started and I can guarantee you that if you don’t pre-order this today, you’ll not get hold of one until the next shipment comes in.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this bike is not longer available, however it’s petrol cousin is a viable alternative.

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Tamoretti 125cc Electric Scooter - Black


  • Top speed: 45km/hour
  • Range: 45 kms
  • Charging Time: 5-8 hours
  • Virtually zero running costs
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