125cc Tamoretti

“I finally know why the Tamoretti 125cc Scooter is one of the most sought after retro scooters in the UK! Looks, style, handling and efficency, this throw back has it all!”

The Tamoretti 125cc is a new scooter with a twist. It’s bodywork resembles the sleek curves of a time gone by yet, somehow, it manages to fit in perfectly with modern day commuters. With our growing fascination for retro things, it’s no surprise the Tamoretti (which comes in a variety of colours to suit), has won the hearts of so many. Unlike it’s twin brother from the past however, this stylish new take on a retro theme won’t guzzle the fuel and make unbearably loud noises, it’ll simply fit right into modern day commuting and turn heads whilst doing it.

The Tamoretti is available from a select group of dealers in the UK, and we’re proud to be a partner. But don’t wait too long to buy this little beauty or you run the risk of getting caught up in limited stocks and you know what that means; no summer joy rides and picnics in the sweltering heat over country roads and through beach-side resorts!

Order today and your road-ready retro scooter will be with you before you know it!

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125cc Tamoretti Reviews

8 Reviews for 125cc Tamoretti
  1. StephenG says:

    I bought a Lizard Green Tamoretti 125cc from Scooter Central as one of my friends bought a black 50cc from them to drive in the city. He has had no problems whatsoever since he bought it 4 years ago. The only thing that happened is that the battery needed replacing.
    I was unsure whether to get the 50cc or 125cc… 50 seemed powerful enough for London but Scooter Central advised to go for the 125cc as my commute will be to and from the station on hilly rural roads… (the price for both is the same) As the delivery address is only few miles out of the 60 miles/£60 delivery zone Scooter Central proposed to deliver for £60 instead of the £120 for any address more than 60 miles away. I ordered the Scooter today and it will be delivered with all extra’s fitted, fully checked over, 12 month road tax and a full tank of fuel. Also they claim to provide a proper tamoretti english manual and a toolkit. First service is at 500 miles and my local bike garage will take care of it.
    I would strongly recommend Scooter Central, call them if you’re unsure and you’ll find real professionals advising you. Also their Lock and Chain and Spada helmets are really cheap… I didn’t order them with Scooter Central yet because I wasn’t certain of the quality but after visiting the Infinity Motorcycle store in Aldershot the helmets and chains turn out to be proper & safe brands. At Scooter central the Spada helmets where priced 36,99 at Infinity 44,95… Same for the chain a real no-brainer.
    Anyway, we went for Scorpion Exo-100 retro Helmets from Infinity… They have a cool pop-up ‘fighter jet’-style visor and leather lining.
    I’ll update my review later when the Tamoretti got delivered… Have to leave now off to do my CBT

  2. Brian Henderson says:

    I’ve owned a few mopeds and scooters and I haven’t been as proud of any as I am of my 125 retro tammi. Its the best scooter on the market, in my opinion, for the money you spend. Its never let me down on cold early morning getting to work and its definitely a head turner. I’ve had it now for over a year and I haven’t had any issues with it at all. When it goes I’ll definitely be buying another to replace it.

  3. Emma says:

    4got to add,I did buy from scooter central both bikes,&was obvious that both bikes were built/put 2gether by 2 different people,& I didn’t have black 1 4 very long so hard to comment on mechanical side,but the burgundy 1 needed tightening up ,but had that done on 1st service.however I won’t buy from scooter central again as they fuckt bout with finance side of things

  4. Emma says:

    I bought a black tamoretti 125,back in nov ’09,as the burgundy 1,was on delivery delay,had it for 5 months(not 1 problem),…..until some dozy bint ran into back of me at a box junction,writing it of,then when insurance was sorted got the burgundy 125,& have had it a year now(give or take a cpl of weeks) in that year I’ve had to replace back wheel(puncture) front bumper (drunk taxi driver reversed into it whilst parked up),these things wernt the bikes fault(or mine),infact only fault from bike so far has been a snapped throttle cable,& needed tightening back break light! It is real head turner and a sheer joy to dart bout town on

  5. Antony says:

    Great scoter!.

    Had the same problem with lack of power.

    Its the cheap low octane fuel thats the problem.
    Put high octane 97 ron or higher and it flies.

    The chinese must have higher octane levels like the old days here.

  6. Mark says:

    I see where you’re coming from Ray and I had a similar experience with this model until I got it checked out independantly. All I’ll say is that after an independant company did my PDI all over again and adjusted a few things, the scooter started to perform exceptionally well and I still have it now. Saves me a fortune in fuel costs and helps me dart about on errands.

  7. ray says:

    The scooter looks very professional but the mechanical side needs a lot to be desired.After about a month things stated to go wrong,travelling along at 50mph it suddenly lost power and dropped down to thirtymph.It was taken in for sevice and valve clearances checked etc:.Following that after 2 weeks it would not start,and it was taken to a motor bike service garage and it was found that it had hardly any compression,this was corrected and and again given a service.Approximately 2 weeks after this again it lost power and on driving it home in traffic it cut out on two occassions.It is not in my opinion a scooter that is safe to drive any distance on the highway.

  8. Josh says:

    I’ve owned several 125cc retro scooters but by far the best is my current Tamoretti in retro cream. I’ve not had any trouble with it and this is a major thing for me because when I bought a second hand scooter off of ebay about 2 years ago, despite being under warranty with the dealer, I had nothing but chew with it. The Tamoretti which I bought from http://www.scootercentral.co.uk on the other hand was a little more expensive but infinitely more enjoyable because it just took less hassle. Definitely a 4.5 stars from me!

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125cc Tamoretti Retro Scooter


  • Make: Tamoretti
  • Model: 125 Retro
  • Engine: 125cc 4 Stroke
  • Speed: 50-60MPH
  • Featues:
  • Alarm/Immobiliser
  • Alloy Footplates
  • Clear Indicator lenses
  • Back rack
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