125cc Cobra Scooter

“Sporty, sleek and stylish, this new arrival is the perfect answer to your commuting problems. Fast, cheap and reliable, if you weren’t considering it before, you should be now!”

Are you looking for a road scooter that’s cheap to run, cost effective, looks great and performs great? If so, this 125cc road scooter suitable for learner riders or CBT riders will tick all of your boxes. This brand new 09 design has sharp, modern, angular, minimalist lines for maximum aerodynamics and performance. All things in, this scooter will do you over 100 miles to the gallon at a top speed of over 50mph. The 125cc Cobra Scooter is a street-wise 125cc scooter that will ‘strike’ for you at will. You can see from the pictures that its racy, streamlined body is great to look at but at the current special price, its not only great to look at but just plain great value too.

The Cobra has a 125cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine just waiting to deliver. This particular model comes in a variety of colours and is available in pure black, black with a hint of grey or black or blue with silver streaks.

All in all, this 125cc Sports scooter is an exciting new arrival to the Direct Bikes lineup and will offer you everything you could want from a street smart, street performing quality road scooter. If you’d like to see the scooter in full 3d view, have a look at the full product page. What’s more, there is a promise in place that will deliver your 125cc scooter within three days of payment or, if you simply can’t wait that long, a 24 hour, nex day delivery option is also available.

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  • Style: 125cc Cobra Scooter
  • Overall Length(mm) 1830mm
  • Overall Width(mm): 680mm
  • Overall Height(mm): 1125mm
  • Seat Height(mm): 715mm
  • WheelBase(mm): 1280mm
  • Ground Clearance(mm): 140mm
  • Dry Weight(kg) 103kgs
  • Max. Load Mass(kg): 150kgs
  • Max. Speed(mph): 50mph+
  • Tire: Front: 120/70-12
  • Rear: 120/70-12
  • Driving Mode: C.V.T
  • Brake Mode: Front: Disk
  • Rear: Drum
  • Brake Operation Mode: Front: By Hand
  • Rear: By Hand
  • Engine: JL152QMI
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder Four Stroke
  • Cylinder Type: Horizontal
  • Bore X Stroke(mm): Dia.52.4 X 57.8mm
  • Piston Displacement: 124.6cc
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Max. Torque(N.M/rpm): 8.9/6000N.M/rpm
  • Lubrication: Compress & Splash Combined Type
  • Max Output Power(kw/rpm): 5.5/7000kw/rpm
  • Ignition: C.D.I
  • Started System: Electric Starter/Kick Starter
  • Engine Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
  • Transmission: Stageless Transmission
  • Clutch: Dry Multi-Disc Type
  • Battery: 12V-7Ah
  • Fuel Capacity: 6L
  • Average Consumption: 2.8L/100km
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