2009 HONDA CBF 125 M-9 BLACK 125cc Motorcycle – MOT+TAX – NO RESERVE!

This auction is for my 2009 HONDA CBF 125 M-9 BLACK 125cc Motorcycle. I Purchased this motorcycle a couple of months ago to commute daily to work on and do my motorcycle test on, it has done this effortlessly. The bike cosmetically in fair condition and does have a few scratches such as the one to the side panel (Last Photo), and a one on the exhaust (Where it scraped on my gate – DOH!). When the bike was sold to me it was described as “Perfect Working Condition”, I purchased it online and had it delivered without viewing. Unfortunately this was not quite true, apart from the interherited fairing scratch (Pictured), it does smoke abit when the engine is hot. The engine had a new piston and rings installed at a garage, for the last owner in an effort to try a rectify this. Having discussed this problem with my local garage we both came to the conclusion that the problem is down to the exhaust valve seal which is just letting past alittle oil vapour. Therefor the seal should be replaced. The seals cost £4.54 each (http://www.lingshondaparts.com/honda_motorcycle_parts_selection_pfk.php?block_01=17KWF901&block_02=E__0300&block_03=148) plus a gasket set. The reason for not rectifying the problem myself is that I work 6 days a week and have not got the time to fix the problem myself (The valve seal change would probably take about A Day and a half), I would love to keep the bike but dont have the time to fix it… Having said all of that this does not effect performance etc, since I have had the bike it has had a full service with a new airfilter (Genuine Honda), oil change, new spark plug etc. The bike has also had a new chain. The tyres where change about 1000 miles ago and are Continental Contigos. The bike has never let me down once and always starts first time. If you have any questions please contact me either via email or on 07814898525 also you are more than welcome to come and view one evening. Apologies if the photos are alittle dark, unfortunately by the time I get home from work it is abit dark! There is no buy it now, If you bid please be prepared to buy, I have been time wasted before and its not fun…. Cash On Collection or Paypal is fine and a £50 deposit within an hour of the end of the auction (this can be refunded if you prefer to pay all cash)…. Also included in the sale, is a Haynes Manual and spare bulbs…

This bike is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £0.99,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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2009 HONDA CBF 125 M-9 BLACK 125cc Motorcycle – MOT+TAX – NO RESERVE! Reviews

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